We aren’t meant to navigate the complexities of the human experience alone and you don’t have too. You need assistance as you explore your growth, as well as, practical guidance on how to move forward. 

My work is to support others as they heal, awaken, transform their lives and develop inner resources. I use the diverse tools of yoga as a way to inspire and empower others to live the most magnificent, purposeful and fulfilling life they can. 

My students love me for my warm calming presence, wisdom and realness. If you’re ready to pursue your personal growth in a powerful way I’d love to speak with you. 

Hi, I’m Keri Marino

My struggles and pain led me to healing work in my late teenage years and through my own self-work I found my calling to help others. As a spiritual teacher, Yoga Therapist, mentor and speaker I hold space for women as they embrace themselves and engage in personal transformation. 

I love to provide a safe place for people to explore the full spectrum of who they are, uncover their pain and heal, awaken, become embodied, empowered and open to receiving pleasure in life.

A playful nerd at the core, I create unapologetically spiritual and heartfelt offerings. My teachings are a blend of my own personal study and practice, science and the experience I have gained working with people. Over 12 years, my career has led me into a variety of settings including my own private practice, clinical facilities, yoga studios and businesses around the southeast.

In my personal life, I enjoy laughing at stand up comedians with my chef husband Tanner, playing in creeks with my two young children, cooking healthy meals and dancing in my living room.